Mini Mess

When it comes to messy play, we whole heartedly believe that the messier the better!  All children learn through play. Baby messy play classes are a fun and interesting way for children to explore and learn about the world around them.

baby in foam sensory

Benefits of messy play classes:

There are many reasons why messy play can help children learn:.

What to expect from messy play classes

Mini Mess sessions generally last an hour, sometimes longer. Sessions start and end with a short music an movement section. Each week is themed differently and will include different types of ‘mess’ and sensory materials connected to the weeks theme.

Themes can include:

Down on the Farm

farm sensory collage

Under the Sea

under the sea sensory collage

Over the Rainbow

sensory social collage

A clean up area is available (with water and towels), but it is advisable to not put little ones in any clothes that you don’t want to get messy, and please expect them still to have remenents of their messy play on them when they go (thats part of the fun.. !)