Touched Out! [by Claire Martin]

I made a reel, over on my Facebook page about feeling touched out. What is it to feel touched out though? I should explain. As parents we are everything to our children, particularly in the early years. Young babies are not yet aware that they are separate from their mothers and think that we are […]

What to expect at Mini Rangers [by Laura Nugent]

It’s Summertime and that means only one thing at Mini Me Time…yes that’s right, Mini Rangers! This session is a firm favourite of yours and ours alike. In case you haven’t experienced them, we meet in parks or outdoor spaces for outdoor activities; whatever the British weather throws at us, we are outside having fun […]

Boys vs Girls [by Hannah Shepherd]

When I was pregnant for the first time, we didn’t find out what we were having, we wanted a surprise. Everyone was convinced we were having a boy so we were all surprised when Phoebe came along! I was secretly a little relieved, I felt that having a girl was more of a natural fit […]

Positive Parent??

I’ll be honest, I struggle with positive parenting – not all the time, sometimes I rock at it, but quite often I don’t.  I think I know the basics, but often life, challenges and simply being human get in the way and I dissolve in to a ranting, angry negative parent, someone I don’t like […]

Its a Date!

With Valentines Day being just last week, and this week being my wedding anniversary it got me thinking on the amount of time, thought and effort we (and I say we, as it shouldn’t just be down to one person) manage to put aside for just being us. We are just like everyone else, we […]

Huggly, snuggly squeezes

With Valentines day just around the corner – what a better time to talk about the benefits of a good hold huggly snuggly squeeze of our loved ones CREDIT – VIMALA MCCLURE – founder of International Association of Infant Massage BENEFITS OF TOUCH LAST ALL OUR LIFE ??? If you and your partner regularly find yourselves […]

Getting the balance

I thought this was a really thought provoking article. I don’t feel its meant as a judgement on our parenting, or to make anyone feel less of a parent – afterall, we are all doing our very best, to survive each day, to provide a happy, loving environment for our children to grow up in. […]

Why children and babies should create, discover & explore

Why creativity is so important for children… ‘Children are naturally creative. It is our job to give them the freedom, materials and space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential.’ -Jean Van’t Hul author of ‘The Artful parent’ I believe that as humans we have an innate desire to create, to explore, to […]

Strip off the Mum Guilt

When I was asked to write this blog on this topic, I thought brilliant I could write a book! Almost as soon as I held my first child the mum guilt started to lounge about on my shoulders weighing me down like an itchy woollen grey shawl. Almost 9 years down the line and 2 […]

Summer Bucket List and the Bored Board

These holidays have been a little different for us this year, with us having our European Adventure for almost 6 weeks! And what an adventure it was! But thats for another blog 🙂 Ok.. a quick sneek preview Anyway …  suffice to say I’ve not been under the same pressure to organise lots of activities, […]