Terms, Conditions, Policies & Procedures


Booking Terms and Conditions


• Booking operates on a first come first served basis. Places will be allocated on receipt of the completed online booking form and payment.

• Fees to be paid in full at the time of booking either On Line or Via BACS, places are not confirmed until payment in full has been made and places can therefore be offered to others on the waiting list.

• After booking is confirmed, fees are non-refundable except in extenuating circumstances at the total discretion of Mini Me Time.

• If a class/session is missed it cannot be refunded or carried over to the next term.

• COVID - If due to Government or Venue regulations face to face classes or sessions have to stop, classes or sessions will continue to take place on line via the Zoom platform for the remainder of the term, or if feasible, be re-arranged for a future date when face to face classes are allowed to resume. Refunds will NOT be available under these circumastances.

• COVID - If an instructor has to self isolate, we will try to cover the class with another instructor, if this is not possible, classes or sessions will continue to take place on line via the Zoom platform until the instructor is able to resume classes face to face. Refunds will NOT be available under these circumstances.  If it is not feasible to hold the class via Zoom  - you will be advised of the alternative arrangemens (this may include the session being re-scheduled to another date or refunds being issued)

• COVID - Currently the number of attendees allowed in venues is restricted, . Therefore only 1 adult can attend sessions with children. Where siblings are attending together, BOTH children MUST be registered and booked to attend the session. We operate at most classes and sessions a pay per family policy, where this is in place, you will only be charged for 1 child.

• COVID - Where a family are not able to attend a class due to self isolating refunds will NOT be given and sessions and places cannot be carried forward.  Families will have access to pre-recorded videos available to download and do at home.  

• Where a  pay per family policy is is operated it is applicable to siblings ONLY and they must reside in the same household

• Any sundry items (e.g books, massage oil, bubbles , instruments, props etc) are to be paid for when the order is placed (cash, BACS or Paypal accepted)

• Receipts can be issued on request for all fees paid and items purchased. Copies of receipts will be kept by Mini Me Time.

• All handouts, manuals and online resources are included in the cost of classes

• None of the information handed out at classes or made available for personal download (music, videos, manuals) are to be copied or reproduced without prior permission from Mini Me Time.

• No responsibility can be taken for loss or damage to property or person in or outside the venue

• Mini Me Time instructors have available on request copies of all qualification certificates including an Enahanced DBS Check.

• Should you wish to provide feedback, please speak to the class instructor either in person or by phone, message or email, alternativey contact Mini Me Time through the contact details available on the website.



Parents must supervise their babies/children at all times. Parents are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of themselves and their babies/children whilst attending classes.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make the instructor aware of any information they feel is relevant that could impact their own or childs suitability to participate in classes. Both parents/guardians and children should be in good physical health to attend Mini Me Time classes.

Mini Me Time do not assume liability for the health and safety of you and your family. Your child may have the opportunity to use materials, toys, props and instruments as part of the class. Please be aware that these items may contain small parts and we do not recommend allowing your child to put toys, instruments or other materials available in to his/her mouth.

COVID UPDATE - Please refer to our COVID Policy and Risk Assessment for full details.  SEE BELOW

These polices form part of the Terms & Conditions


COVID 19 Policy


Aims of the policy

This policy has been introduced to provide guidance and reassurance to parents and carers attending Mini Me Time classes in relation to current government guidelines on Covid 19. All Mini Me Time classes will adhere to current government guidelines and while we hope to be able to provide classes face to face, if the need arises classes will be delivered on-line as necessary.

Scope of this policy

Every child and adult attending classes will be expected to adhere to this policy at all times as well as the policy and guidelines at the venue.

An ‘easy to understand’ and age appropriate summary of the new guidance is attached at the end of the policy. Parents are requested to support their child to follow the new guidance before and after classes. During classes attendees will be supported by the class instructors to follow the guidance.


Booking and Paying for Classes

We already have in place our online booking system https://mini-me-time.class4kids.co.uk/ and will continue to take bookings through this system. Attendees must book and pay via this system in advance. Classes cannot be attended and paid for on a drop in basis. This will ensure: a) class numbers are in accordance with the size of the room, allowing for social distancing; b) no monies need to be exchanged c) full records of attendees are kept.

Attendees contact details are taken via class4kids at the time of booking and these details will be made available for Track and Trace purposes should the need arise.


Covid 19 Symptomatic

Anybody who is displaying symptoms of Covid 19, has tested positive for Covid 19, or has a family member displaying symptoms must not attend classes. Anyone who has been contacted through the Track and Trace scheme must self-isolate for 14 days and must not attend classes. Further guidance can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance

Arriving at and Leaving the Venue

Attendees will be asked to arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before classes start and to vacate the area after classes have finished to avoid attendees congregating.


Hand Hygiene

Good hand hygiene remains the first line of defence in reducing the transmission of Covid 19. On entering and leaving the building attendees will be encouraged to adhere to the venues policy on handwashing and sanitising. There will also be a hand sanitiser located in each class room/area.For mat based classes (Massage, Yoga, Rollers and Sign) antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser will be located with each mat.


Surfaces and Class Resources

Covid 19 can remain on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours. To reduce unnecessary contact with door handles, the door will be left open until all attendees have arrived and then shut by the instructor before class starts. The instructor will open the door at the end of the session.

Where resources are required, each family will have their own resources which will not be shared with others.

Participants will have the option to bring and take away their own resources to class, buy resources ahead of class and then bring and take those away each week or use a set of resources provided by us.

All resources will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at the end of each class. The room will also be cleaned down as necessary in accordance with venue regulations.



Class participants will be asked to adhere to any regulations regarding the use of the venues toilets or any other facilities ie cafes.


Bags / Personal Items

Participants will be asked to bring minimal baggage (1 bag per family) into the venue and to keep it with them at all times. Items included in bags will be asked to be kept to vital items necessary for their babies/child’s needs.


Social Distancing

Social distancing will be in place in line with Government advice. The room will be laid out so each family group has its own mat spaced at a distance of 2m between them and another family.

Class sizes will be smaller to allow for social distancing. The number allocated to each class will therefore differ depending on each venue.

Attendees will be expected to observe appropriate social distancing at all times and will be reminded of the need for social distancing by the class instructor.



During dry / warm weather, and where the venue allows, the windows will be opened to improve ventilation.


Face Coverings

Masks must be worn on entry to the venue, if moving away from your mat, moving through the venue, and on leaving. As we are working with young babies and children who need to see faces for reassurance and visual cues once located at your indivudal mats, masks can be removed.  To keep participants safe we will ensure the 2m social distancing is in play at all times.

However if the Government policy or that of the of the venue changes to require that masks need to be worn at ALL times then we will adhere to that guidance.  

If participants feel very strongly that they would like the instructor to wear a face covering this can be discussed with the individual instructor. 


Singing In Class

Most music in class is pre-recorded so will continue to be played as usual.
The instructor will sing and give directions to the group but we will be kindly asking that participants do not sing along. Where songs and rhymes are used to interact with baby/child, we will be asking that parents/guardians talk these rather than sing.


COVID 19 Infection Control