Self care - Critical NOT Luxury

Self care is critcal, not a luxury - Lydia - Strong Mamas Club



No truer word has been spoken.  Some really wise and thought provoking words from Lydia Hollinson founder of The Body Project and Strong Mamas club.  I know from personal experience what a difference self care through exercise makes to my mental health, my capacity to cope with stress, my sleep patterns and my general ability to cope with life.  Its hard to get in to the habit, its far easier to break it.  Its hard to have the motivation, its easier to find excuses not to.  But I agree with Lydia, self care is critcal, NOT a luxury.  However you choose to administer your self care, be that a cuppa with a friend, some time with the trashiest magazine you can find, lifting a few weights, a walk in the park, a bath filled with bubbles - its imperative for both you, your children and your family that you do, and do it regularly.


From Lydia:

Being a busy mum myself I know how hard it is to juggle work / mum life. It often feels like you are trying to be perfect at everything but don’t have to time to get everything right. Unfortunately one of the first things we sacrifice as a parent is our own self-care. We think we are being selfless but actually it is quite a selfish act. Exercise and investment in your own health and well-being more often than not gets cast aside when actually this is the time it should be a priority.



Remember how much that time does for your self esteem and self worth. The physical and mental health benefits of exercise go far beyond “looking better” or getting back down to pre-baby weight. It’s about making sure you are in best position to live as long a happy and healthy life as possible, so you can enjoy family time without health complaints for as long as possible, and so you have energy and feel mentally able to handle the good and the hard days as a parent. It’s so important to remember you can’t pour from an empty cup.




So next time you are feeling tired or demotivated or are thinking of giving the excuse of the kids as to why you aren’t looking after yourself.... remember the kids should be one of the number one reasons you ARE looking after yourself! 



No childcare, no problem for our Friday Mums Bums and Tums class. Or try Strong Mamas Club and receive motivation and laughs from other mums. Or home workouts, or the gym, or go for a run. Just take that time to look after yourself, because you’re worth it! 


Check out Lydia, her mums bums and tums class, or the Strong Mamas Club




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