Double Trouble - Twins True & False

Having had a few sets of twins attend our Rawtenstall baby massage classes (and lots of other classes too - messy play is always an interesting session with twins) ... a few interesting notes on the facts and fiction around the twins phenomenon.

Mums of twins live longer - TRUE

A 2011 study found that women who naturally conceived and gave birth to twins had a lower risk of dying each year after age 50 than those who had just one baby at a time.  And nope, its not because of all that extra cardio from chasing around two babies.  Researchers say that these women's "innate healthiness" actually made them more likely to conceive, carry and deliver twins


Identical twins can run in families - FALSE

Its actually fraternal twins that can run in families.  The reason why is because franternal twins develop when a womans ovaries produce more than one egg during her cycle, and the dedency to do that can, in fact, run in families.  Identical twins on the other hand, come from the same egg, and that spontaneous splitting is actually considered a random occurence, and your genes probably have nothing to do with it



Girl/Boy twins are always fraternal - TRUE

Since identical twins come from the same egg, they're always the same gender.  So any boy/girl twins you know, are indeed, fraternal.


Twins skip a generation - FALSE

Okay, so fraternal twins can run in families, but there's actually no evidence that it matters which generation you're in.  So if you have a parent who's a fraternal twin, there's still a chance you can have twin babies.


Animals can tell identical twins apart even when people can't - TRUE

In one study, highly trainined police dogs were able to sniff out the difference between identical twins, even when they lived in the same place and presumably were exposed to all the same smells.  How did they do it?  No one really knows


So there you have it - but the real truth is, is that I am always in total awe of any parent with twins!  They are amazing!





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