Brain Building

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We all chat with our babies, but did you know you're actually buidling their brain?  Here are a few tips and advice to help you do it even more

You've got the power to change everyday moments into brain-building ones

Whether its bathtime, you're feeding or popping to the shpps, playing with your baby, talking to them and singing can build their brain right from birth.  Plus, its a great way to make your bond even stronger.  


Something we love about our classes is that during Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and our music and movement sessions the actions and activities encourage eye contact, interchange of responses, reacting to babys cues and fostering close relationships. They have been specially developed with all these key interactions in mind.


The NSPCC teamed up with Vroom (  - early learning experts who have created hundreds of brain-building tips) to give you some fun and easy ideas to help you bring even more brain building in to your daily routine with your baby.  Check out the website for lots to try


But to get started all you have to do is think:


Look, Say, Sing, Play


  • Look at what you baby's focussing on and how they react

* remember - Brain-building happens when you and your little one are interacting with each other.  Its not about just singing or talking at your baby

  • Say what you're doing and copy the sounds your baby makes

* remember - Its about taking a cue from them, and reacting to what they're doing.  You could think of it like a game of tennis - going back and forth between the two of you

  • Sing along toyour favourite tunes or make up your own
  • Play simple games and see what your baby enjoys.


Here's an idea!

Young children like putting and pulling things in and out of containers, bags, drawers etc.  (The little ones that attend our Mini Rockers classes can't wait to run to the front when it is time to see what Disco Daisy has in her bag this week, then take an item out, almost as much as they love to bring  and put the props back in the bag after the activity).

Do the Laundry Hokey Cokey!

Encourage your child to ehlp out and put items IN and Out of the laundry basket.  Say the words IN and OUT to describe your actions and see how your baby reacts as they learn these concepts.  You could even try singing an adapted version to the hokey cokey song.  Notice what your baby finds interesting, are they pointing at the basket?  Respond to what they do.

Using this interset helps them learn the concepts of IN and OUT, and to organise their understanding of the world (as well as helping you do the laundry!)

Back and forth games helps your child learn to pay attention and remember so they can repeat your actions.  They need these thinking skills to learn information and use it.  


For more ideas check out

It all starts with .... Look Say Sing Play









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