Mini Parties

We offer a variety of different themes for your Mini Me Time Party.  Including Mini Gym - our soft play hire option, Mini Movers & Groovers, our high energy music and movment option, and Mini Fit, our multi sports based party option.  Further details of what is included and costs is detailed below.

We can tailor any party to fit the needs and preferences of the birthday boy or girl, we can theme around favourite characters (we have done many a Frozen themed, Teddybear themed and Pirate themed party!)  Just let us know what you want, and we will do our very best to incorporate it in to what we can offer.

Soft Play Equipment Hire

Our soft play equipment is perfect for any baby, young toddler or pre-schoolers party up to the age of 5. It is suitable for birthdays or other events where young child entertainment is needed.  It can be used at home or other venues providing a safe, fun environment that will keep the little ones entertained.

We have 3 main party packages:

Pack 1 - £30 - Most suited to a home party with up to 8 children

Pack 2 - £40 - Most suited to either a home or external venue with up to 12 children

Pack 3 - £50 Most suited to a larger home or venue with up to 20 children

Packs include (items included are dependent on which party pack is chosen, and may vary depending on equipment available):
  • Soft play equipment (steps, wedges, cubes, cylinders etc)
  • Spinning cone
  • Tunnels
  • Gym ball
  • Stepping stones
  • Balancing stones
  • Spinning disc
  • Textured discs
  • Sit / ride on animal
  • Sit on rocker


Add on packages are also available

Soft play Train add on - £15

  • Soft play shapes that fix together to make a large fun train

Sensory add on pack - £15

  • Pop up ball pool & balls
  • 3 x treasure baskets & sensory toys
  • Textured discs
  • Foil blanket
  • 5 x ribbon sticks/rings
  • 5 x shakers
  • 5 x bells

The price includes delivery and collection and the use of the equipment for up to 4 hours (excl set up and clear away time)

An additional a £50 deposit is required when booking.  The deposit will be fully refundable within 7 days of collection of the equipment.  If equipment is damaged, requires cleaning or there are items missing,  the costs of repair, cleaning or replacement of items will be deducted from the deposit and further charges may apply.


High Energy Music & Movement

Children join the Mini Me Time puppet – Disco Daisy or Dancing Dave – for a high energy, non stop party geared around music and movement, percussion, games and bubbles.  Parties last between 40 and 50 minutes depending on the option chosen

There are 3 options to choose from.  Below is a brief overview of whats included, but all parties can be tailored to the preferences of the children (eg favourite songs, activities etc)

A £20 non refundable deposit is required when booking.

Option 1

Cost is £5.00 per child, minimum charge for 10 children (i.e £50).

  • Meet Disco Daisy and sing hello
  • Circle songs (children seated on floor - eg wind the bobbin up, shake sillies out)
  • Action songs (eg hokey cokey / dingle dangle scarecrow/sleeping bunnies)
  • Parachute game(s) (eg ring a ring a roses, popcorn with the balls etc)
  • Choice of Ribbon Sticks/Scarves/bean bags/pom poms /finger puppets
  • Percussion songs with instruments
  • Knee bouncer song
  • Bubbles
  • Goodbye song

Option 2

Cost is £6 per child, minimum charge for 10 children (i.e. £60)

  • All of the above, but includes pass the parcel, 1 parcel per 5 children (eg 15 children, then 3 parcels)

Option 3

Cost is £6.50 per child, minimum charge for 10 Children (i.e £65)

  • All of the above, including pass the parcel and ending with a laser light show (the success of this is dependant on the venue, need to be able to close curtains to minimise sunlight)





Sports themed Parties

Children join the Mini Fit puppet Running Ralf for a sports based high energy party.  Parties can be themed either around a childs favourite sport, or a mix (a sports day theme always works well).  Parties include provision of all sports equipment.  Songs, music, games are all used to entertain and engage children and parents throughout the party. Medals are given out to all children at the end of the party, and an option of a trophy for the birthday girl/boy is also available.

A £20 deposit non refundable deposit is required when booking

Parties last between 40 and 50 minutes depending on the option chosen

Option 1:

£6 per child (min charge for 10 children i.e £60)

  • Warm Up - Bringing the children together, Running, Jumping and Hopping Songs
  • Prop Play - To your party, we will bring some of our fabulous hand held equipment such as Bean Bags, Ribbon Sticks, Scarf's ect
  • Chosen Sports activity - Activities can include non - competitive races, Scoring goals, Playing Tag and much more...
  • Cool Down - Which includes Bubbles
  • Presentation - Each child will receive a medal

Option 2:

£7 per child (min charge for 10 children i.e £70)

  • All of the above activities plus pass the parcel (1 parcel per 5 children)

Option 3:

£7.50 per child (min charge for 10 children i.e £75)

All of the above activities, plus pass the parcel and laser light show

Added Extras

  • Mini Fit trophy provided for the birthday boy/girl which includes engraving (up to 30 letters) with your personal message -  £10 per trophy