Mini Aid

First Aid is something that each and every one of us should have knowledge of. Statistics show that only 1 in 10 parents feel they would be able to respond effectively to a first aid emergency with their child.

Mini Aid baby first aid sessions have been developed to give parents the basic knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to be able to act quickly in an emergency situation.

Benefits of Baby First Aid

Parents will gain understanding, have the practical knowledge and skills to be able to respond to a First Aid emergency in the following areas:

Basic Life Support (CPR)

  • Understand how CPR can help to sustain life until help arrives
  • Practice the correct procedure of CPR


image of baby CPR for baby first aid course by Mini Me Time


  • Build confidence in dealing with a choking infant/child
  • Practice the correct procedures to be taken in the event of a child choking


Image of baby choking first aid for baby first aid course by Mini Me Time


Medical conditions/illnesses

  • Understand possible causes
  • Identify signs and symptoms
  • Know the course of action to take

Wounds and bleeding

  • Knowing the different types of wound
  • Stopping external bleeding


  • Understand action to take in the general treatment of burns
  • Know what NOT to do in the treatment of burns
  • When should you seek medical attentio

What to expect from baby and child first aid :

Two different sessions are available:

Session 1 – for expectant parents and parents with infants under 1 years old

Session 2 – for parents with children aged 1 and over

Sessions run for 2hrs and include using infant and child manikins to give parents the hands on practical experience in administering emergency baby and child first aid.

Session 1 – for expectant parents and parents with infants under 1 years old

This session concentrates on 3 main areas:

  • Basic Life Support (CPR)
  • Action to take in the event of choking,
  •  Knowing the signs, symptoms and action to take for illnesses such as meningitis & febrile convulsions

Session 2 – for parents with children aged over 1yrs old.

This session incorporates the 3 areas above, but also includes

  • The recovery position
  • Bleeding
  • Burns

Baby First Aid sessions are friendly and informal. Light refreshments are available throughout. Sessions are scheduled both during the week, and also held on weekends enabling parents to attend as a family (so mum and dad). Children are also welcome, but please be advised that there are no creche facilities, and children remain the responsibility of the parents for the duration of the session.


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