Mini Groovers & Movers Parties

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"High energy music & movement"


Children join the Mini Me Time puppet – Disco Daisy – for a high energy, non stop party geared around music and movement, percussion, games and bubbles.  Parties last between 40 and 50 minutes depending on the option chosen


There are 3 options to choose from.  Below is a brief overview of whats included, but all parties can be tailored to the preferences of the children (eg favourite songs, activities etc)
A £20 non refundable deposit is required when booking.
Option 1
Cost is £5.00 per child, minimum charge for 10 children (i.e £50).
Meet Disco Daisy and sing hello
Circle songs (children seated on floor - eg wind the bobbin up, shake sillies out)
Action songs (eg hokey cokey / dingle dangle scarecrow/sleeping bunnies)
Parachute game(s) (eg ring a ring a roses, popcorn with the balls etc)
Choice of Ribbon Sticks/Scarves/bean bags/pom poms /finger puppets
Percussion songs with instruments
Knee bouncer song
Goodbye song
Option 2
Cost is £6 per child, minimum charge for 10 children (i.e. £60)
All of the above, but includes pass the parcel, 1 parcel per 5 children (eg 15 children, then 3 parcels)
Option 3
Cost is £6.50 per child, minimum charge for 10 Children (i.e £65)
All of the above, including pass the parcel and ending with a laser light show (the success of this is dependant on the venue, need to be able to close curtains to minimise sunlight)

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